Canvas Prints

Transports (AP, APA, PA, T-AP)

Ships L - Z
USS Samuel Chase AP 56 (Call US)
USS Statford AP 41 (Call Us) 
USS Storm King AP 171
USS Talladega APA 208
USS Tasker H Bliss AP 42 (Call Us) 
USS Tate AKA 70
USS Tazewell APA 209
USS Telfair APA 210 
Ships A - K
USS General W M Black AP 135 (Call Us)

The print is exactly as you see it. The frame is printed on the canvas for a great looking master piece. The standard print size is 8"x10" ready for framing or add an additional matte of your own choosing. You can also upgrade to 14" x 11" . These prints are made to order. Shipment usually within two days of order placement.

Your print can be customized in order to honor the sailors service. He will proudly display the print as it represents their time spent in the Navy. An example of customizing is as follows:

United States Navy Sailor
Proudly Served: Your Years Here

(Send us what you want printed)