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Presentation Advantages and Features

•The images will not be degraded over time.

•Self contained CD no software to load.

•Thumbnails, table of contents and index for easy viewing.

•Ability to magnify any page.

•View flip book or watch a slide show (You set the timing options).

•Back ground military music and sounds (Brings the book to Life).

•View on TV with proper cable connecting PC or Laptop to TV.

•Viewing options are described in the help section.

•Bookmark your favorite pages.

•Microsoft platform (Not Apple or Mac).

•Quality on your screen may be better than hard copy
•Full page viewing slide show you control with keys or mouse.

•Must have a computer to view the CD.
 If you already have the memory book usually only one person in the family has it. The memory book CD makes it possible for several members of the family to own one. The multimedia presentation gives a whole new look and feel to these great cruise books. It will bring your cruise book to life. You will not be disappointed we guarantee it!
Statistics show that only 25-35% of Seabees purchased their memory book.
Many who didn't probably wished they would have as they got older. It's a nice way to show them that you care about their past and appreciate the sacrifice they and many others made for us and our country.
We never knew what life was like for a sailor in World War II until we started taking an interest in these great books. We found pictures of a relative who served on the USS Essex CV 9 during WW II. We never knew they existed. He passed away at a very young age and we never really got a chance to hear many of his stories. Somehow by viewing his cruise book, which we never saw until recently, has reconnected the family with his legacy and Naval heritage.
Even if we did not find the pictures in the cruise book it was a great way to see what life was like for him. We now consider these to be family treasures. His children, grand children and great grand children can always be connected if they choose. We hope you can experience the same thing for your family.



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