Canvas prints

Destroyers (DD, DE, DM, DDG, DDR, DEG, DER)

Ships K-Z
USS Voge DE 1047
USS Vreeland DE 1068 
USS Vesole DD 878
USS Vogelgesang DD 862
USS Wadleigh DD 689
USS Wadsworth DD 516
USS Waddell DDG 24
USS Waldron DD 699
USS Walke DD 723
USS Walke 723
USS Walker DD 517
USS Walton DE 361 
USS Wallace L Lind DD 703
USS Waller DDE 466 
USS Warrington DD 843 
USS Watts DD 567
USS Wayne E Meyer DDG 108 
USS Weeden DE 797
USS Wedderburn DD 684
USS Welles DD 628
USS Whitehurst DE 634 
USS Wickes DD 578
USS Wilhoite DER 397
USS Willard Keith DD 775 
USS Willard B Preston DD 344 
USS Winston S Churchill DDG 81
USS William C Lawe DD 763
USS William P Lawrence DDG 110
USS William D Porter DD 579 
USS William V Pratt DDG 44
USS William R Rush DD 714 
USS William R Rush DD 714 
USS William M Wood DD 715 
USS William Wood DD 715
USS Wiltsie DD 716 
USS Wiseman DE 667
USS Witek DD 848 
USS Winslow DD 359
USS Woodson DE 359 
USS Woodworth DD 460 
USS Woolsey DD 437
USS Worden DD 352
USS Wren DD 568 
USS Yarnall DD 541
USS Yarnall DD 541
USS Young DD 580
USS Zellers DD 777

The print is exactly as you see it. The frame is printed on the canvas for a great looking master piece. The standard print size is 8"x10" ready for framing or add an additional matte of your own choosing. You can also upgrade to 14" x 11" . These prints are made to order. Shipment usually within two days of order placement.

Your print can be customized in order to honor the sailors service. He will proudly display the print as it represents their time spent in the Navy. An example of customizing is as follows:

United States Navy Sailor
Proudly Served: Your Years Here

(Send us what you want printed)

Ships A-J