Presentation Advantages and Features

These books were created during boot camp at the San Diego Naval Training Center.  They are duplicates of the original books placed on CD for windows based computers.  If you want a MAC version you need to request it. The Mac version will be in PDF format.  Although it looks like we have many of them we actually have very few.  There were hundreds of companies that went through boot camp every year.  The books hard very hard to find.

We do not have any way of knowing what company you were in.  Unfortunately it is just something you would have to remember.  Even Navy records did not record this information.  If find we don't have your exact company you may want to purchase one with a date that was close to yours.  It will bring back many boot camp memories even if your picture is not in it.


•The images will not be degraded over time.
•Self contained CD no software to load.
•Thumbnails, table of contents and index for easy viewing.
•Ability to magnify any page.
•View flip book or watch a slide show (You set the timing options).
•Back ground military music and sounds (Brings the book to Life).
•View on TV with proper cable connecting PC or Laptop to TV.
•Viewing options are described in the help section.
•Bookmark your favorite pages.
•Microsoft platform (Not Apple or Mac).
•Quality on your screen may be better than hard copy.
•Full page viewing slide show you control with keys or mouse.
•Must have a computer to view the CD.


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