Cruise Book CD's

Transports (APA, AP, APD, PA)

Ships A - J

USS Admiral W S Benson AP 120 WWII
USS Admiral WL Capps AP 121 WWII 
USS Admiral R E Coontz AP 122 WWII
USS Admiral E W Eberle AP 123 WWII
USS Alpine APA 92 WWII
USS Anne Arundel AP 76 WWII 
USS Barnett AP 5 WWII 
USS Baxter APA 94 WWII
USS Bayfield APA 33 1953-54
USS Bayfield APA 33 1955-56 
USS Beckham APA 133 WWII
USS Bexar APA 237 1959
USS Bexar APA 237 1960 
USS Burleson APA 67 WWII
USS Calvert APA 32 1954
USS Calvert APA 32 1955 
USS Cambria APA 36 1951-52
USS Cavalier APA 37 1953-54
USS Samuel Chase PA 26 WWII
USS Chilton PA 38 WWII 
USS Chilton APA 38 1956
USS Clermont APA 143 WWII
USS Collingsworth APA 146 WWII 
USS Comet AP 166 WWII
USS Custer APA 40 WWII
USS Dauphin APA 97 WWII 
USS Deuel APA 160 1952-53
USS Diachenko APD 123 1963-64
USS Dutchess APA 98 WWII
USS Edgecombe APA 164 WWII
USS Elizabeth C Stanton AP 69 WWII 
USS Francis Marion APA 249 1961-62
USS General AE Anderson AP 111 WWII
USS General RM Blatchford AP 153 WWII 
USS General RE Callan AP 139 WWII
USS General RL Howze APA 134 WWII
USS General Leroy Eltinge AP 154 WWII 
USS General WH Gordon T-AP 117 WWII
USS General H S Hodges AP 144 WWII
USS General WA Mann AP 112 WWII 

Cruise books capture the most personal memories of a Sailor's Navy career. Pictures of friends, port calls and facts about their commands can all be found within the pages. Many former Sailors lose their cruise books over time, and then desperately look for a copy in their retirement years. 

Similar to high school or college yearbooks, they are usually prepared by the crews of ships and shore units, and are filled with stories, photos and graphic artwork that document the lives of those ships or units for a specific period of time. Many photos show crew members on duty and on shore leave, portraying both the routine and the exciting experiences the Sailors have had.